Black majority churches and Islam are Britains „religious future”, says expert

david_voas_webA Professor from the University of Essex has predicted that the strongest areas of religious growth in Britain will be Islam and “black-majority” churches.

‘Black and brown’

David Voas (pictured), a sociologist of religion, observed that “Muslims already contribute 10 per cent of British births; within several decades people of Muslim heritage will form 10 per cent of the population, even if immigration came to an abrupt halt tomorrow.”

“If even half are observant, they will form a substantial proportion of the religiously active population. Ethnic minority Christians will have another large share. The future of religion is black and brown.”

In the 2011 census, Muslims made up 4.4 per cent of the population in Britain.


Figures for attendance of black majority churches are unreliable but surveys suggest strong growth. The Redeemed Christian Church of God has planted 296 churches in the past five years.

This growth has offset the decline in attendance seen by Anglican churches. The number of Anglican worshippers registered on parish electoral rolls fell by 41 per cent between 1980 and 2012, according to Professor Voas.

However, midweek services have been better attended over the past 10 years and cathedrals have recorded growth.


Professor Voas made his comments in an online article this week and also commented: “Looking forward, evidence suggests that, alongside considerable potential for death, Christianity in Britain also has considerable potential for resurrection in the coming decades.”



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