The Evangelist Quarterback is…back!!!

tebow timThe Evangelist Tim Tebow is back on field joining this morning The Eagles!!! I said Evangelist??? Yes, indeed….read the amazing testimony of the journalist Geoffrey Grider: “Tim Tebow is back in the NFL, and back with him will be the usual media circus that surrounds his every move. But what will also be with him is the Lord Jesus Christ, opening doors to be a witness for Him in these last days. We congratulate Tim on never giving up until he reached his goal of getting back in the NFL. On a personal note, I got saved from watching NFL football and seeing all those John 3:16 signs the camera constantly pans to show during breaks. One day I got me a King James Bible, opened it up to John 3:16, and read it for myself. I am eternally glad I did. Go get ’em, Tim, good job.”


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