Forest Hill station stabbing: Knifeman shouted ‘I want to kill me a Muslim’

Witnesses describe a man calling himself the „anti-Christ” after a train passenger was reportedly attacked next to his wife.

A knifeman who reportedly stabbed a rail passenger in front of his wife in southeast London shouted „I want to kill me a Muslim”, according to a witness.

One man was injured in the attack at Forest Hill station at around lunchtime on Monday.

Richard Etienne was on the way back from a job interview when he saw a man wearing a black jacket and black gloves was walking through the train

He said the man was shourting „I’m going to kill me a Muslim, I’m going to kill me a Muslim” as he scanned the seats.

„He looked at a woman sat opposite me who was wearing a hijab and that’s when he turned and faced her,” Mr Etienne said.

„I could see a knife in his hand, the blades about five inches long.

„That’s when he shouts I don’t want me a Muslim woman, I want me a Muslim man.”



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