ICR – Romanian Centenary

Part of our special programme dedicated to the Romanian Centenary (1918-2018), we return this autumn with yet another celebratory event that, this time, will take to the great London outdoors and the city’s most famous waterway – the River Thames.

romanianThe programme kicks off, on 8 September, with Romania’s participation at the Great River Race, London’s annual river marathon. World-famous Olympic medallist Ivan Patzaichin will lead a fleet of six boats that were especially designed and built in the Danube Delta to represent the historical provinces that came together in 1918: Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania, Bessarabia, Bukovina and Dobruja.

The Great River Race is a spectacular race for traditional boats up the River Thames, from Millwall to Ham, that attracts over 300 crews from all over the globe and appeals to every level of competitor from those who enjoy fun, fancy dress and charity stunts, to serious sportsmen and women who like to win and become the UK Traditional Boat Champions in the process. A great fun day out for competitors and spectators alike.

Cheer the Romanian crew at the Great River Race!

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