How would drive-in church work?

Pastor Brian Madden (right), who has recovered from Covid-19, preaches during a drive in service at Maghaberry Elim Pentecostal Church, Craigavon, as a number of churches are restarting drive-in services following the easing of restrictions in Northern Ireland due to coronavirus pandemic.

With Ofcom looking into giving churches temporary broadcast licenses, the first stage of the gathered church meeting again could be the faithful meeting in car parks across the country. 

This has already started in Northern Ireland, with deacons in hi-vis guiding people to their parking space and worshippers bringing their own elements for Communion. 

For Elim Church Maghaberry, pastor Brian Madden stood in the porch of their church with a music stand and preached via loudspeakers to his congregation who sat in their cars facing him, as well as neighbours who overheard and the odd person who pulled over in their car to listen too. 



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