Churches can reopen for individual prayer in June

No songs… just praise! Churches can reopen for individual prayer in June but worshippers will be banned from mass congregations and singing over fears of spreading virus

Churches will be allowed to reopen for individual prayers from mid-June, though singing and mass gatherings will remain banned to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Places of worships were expected closed until July 4, alongside hairdressers, cinemas and pubs. 

However, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick told today’s Downing Street briefing that the plan was to allow churches, mosques, synagogues and temples to re-open for private prayer as early as June 15. 

It would come alongside a slew of other restrictions being eased from that day, including the reopening of non-essential shops like department stores. 

Asked about the reopening of places of worship, Mr Jenrick said he wants them opened ‘as quickly as we can’.

But he added that singing and mass gathering of worshippers would still be banned until after June. 

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