London more religious than rest of Britain, report finds

Almost two-thirds of people in capital identify as religious compared with 53% in the rest of UK, according to new research

London is more religious and socially conservative than the rest of Britain, confounding perceptions of the capital as liberal and secular, research shows.

People in the capital pray more and attend more religious services than those in the rest of the country, according to the survey. It also found Christian Londoners help their neighbours more than their non-religious counterparts, are more likely to volunteer for a charitable initiative, and are more likely to make charitable donations.

However, a significant minority feel marginalised because of their faith, the research for the Christian thinktank Theos found. It says: “It sometimes seems as if there are two cities in London: one sacred, one secular. Certainly, there is considerable value divergence.”

According to the report, the biggest Christian denomination in London is Catholicism (35% of the Christian population), followed by Anglicanism (33%). Pentecostals (7%) and Orthodox Christians (6%) have a more significant presence than outside the capital.


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