7 in 10 Evangelical Protestants Support Women Preaching during Church, Survey Finds

A new survey shows that most evangelical Protestants support women taking on leadership roles in the church.

According to Christianity Today, the survey from political scientist Ryan P. Burge found that 8 in 10 self-identified evangelicals said they agree with women teaching Sunday school, leading worship and preaching at women’s conferences and retreats.

Seven in 10 said they were in favor of women preaching during church services.

Nearly 87 percent said they supported having women teach Sunday school, while 72.8 percent said they would support women preaching on Sunday morning.

The survey comes just a few weeks after social media pages revealed some complementarians privately decrying author Aimee Byrd.

Burge’s survey, however, shows that there may be “less of a divide” on views on women’s leadership in the church.

In other findings, the survey said:

  • 20 percent of evangelicals aged 65 or older disagree with women preaching.
  • 10 percent of evangelicals aged 55 to 64 disagree with women preaching.
  • Also, 20 percent of those aged 18 to 35 disagreed with women preaching.

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