We Reopened Our Church and Here’s What We Learned

Church operation strategies look different for everyone right now as some churches continue to meet only online, some are fully back in person, and many are taking a hybrid approach. 


 A decrease in attendance. As Florida saw spikes in COVID-19 cases, several churches communicated to their church community that masks were required when attending services. After this, they began to notice a decrease in attendance from about 60-30%.

– The requirement of masks may or may not have been the cause of this however, the timeline would suggest a direct correlation between the two. The mask mandate may have also alerted people to the seriousness of the virus, impacting their decision to stay home.

– Closing after reopening. Although a few panelists mentioned not having any staff members who tested positive with COVID-19, there were a few staff members who had family that did. Therefore, many leaders are approaching situations similar with wisdom and the ability to be proactive rather than reactive by moving all worship services online again.

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